ø10mm Dynamic Driver + 4 × Balanced Armatures


The KZ ZS10 PRO are quite a looker. It's built very well, designed to be compact while delivering generous specs, sounds amazing, and yet it maintains an unbeatable low price. Honestly, the only resemblance the ZS10 PRO have to the original ZS10 is in the name, the specs, the package contents, and perhaps the bass quality. Other than that, these are entirely different earphones by any means, and they easily overshadow the predecessor.

Some issues to point out: The cable is great, but needlessly long, specifically the channel wires, and the Y-split is too low as a result. There is no cinch on the cable to minimize this issue. However, this is a general issue with all recent KZ models as they come with the same cable, give or take.

Also, those ø6mm-wide nozzles could have benefited from matching wide-bore tips. Ear tips with ø4mm/ø4.5mm-wide bores are just inappropriate here.

Just like with the amazing AS06 previously, when it comes to price vs. quality/performance - KZ has nailed it once again. I highly recommend either of these earphones as a daily driver. Both have similarly universal sound signature and I couldn't pinpoint which one of these is the better one, but when it comes to build-quality and aesthetics, I would prefer the ZS10 PRO for sure.

Sound signature: Balanced

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  • Excellent sound quality and clarity without introducing pierce. One of the best-balanced models by KZ so far.
  • Powerful and non-overwhelming bass response.
  • Very loud and easy to drive.
  • Very comfortable and easy to wear for long listening sessions, even while on the move.
  • Stellar build quality and design.
  • An absolute bargain for the price, considering the hardware you get.


  • The mids could probably be slightly intrusive to certain users with very sensitive hearing, but I don't find this to be an issue myself.
  • The included narrow-bore ear tips are inappropriate for these wide nozzles.
  • The cable is needlessly long, specifically the channel wires, and the Y-split is too low as a result.

Package & Accessories


Hard paperboard + soft paperboard

Ear Tips - Single-Flange:

M, black, ø4mm bores

S+M+L, starline, black, ø4.5mm bores

Build & Materials


Plastic (glossy) + metal*, ø6mm nozzles (ø5mm bores)


2-pin (custom 0.75mm)


Plastic (matte), single-button


TPE, stiff strain relief


Silicone (braided), 131cm, extra-soft, straight, pre-shaped ear loops


TPE, 90° angled, wide, soft strain relief

Comfort & Fit

Unlike the original ZS10, the ZS10 PRO are clearly more comfortable as the stubby nozzles were avoided in their design. They maintain a compact design while housing a substantial amount of drivers per channel, an impressive feat. Granted, the included ear tips are not the greatest, as usual with KZ products, but they are sufficient. Of course, you can greatly improve your experience with these earphones using some quality wide-bore tips, and I personally recommend using those that are included with every pair of ROCK Zircon.

Lows / Bass

Beefy, hard-hitting bass with a lot of fun factor. Perfect for those who appreciate extended and well-balanced bass with deep sub-bass, and especially suitable for electronic dance music. Quite frankly, most recent KZ hybrid models have a somewhat similar bass experience, and I find nothing to complain about this time as well. KZ's dynamic driver does not disappoint.

Mids / Vocals

The mids are clearly a high point of these earphones and a great improvement over the original ZS10. While still unapologetically upfront, the overall tuning was done much better, hence the mids are in an almost perfect balance with the lows and highs, which means they are tolerable and very much enjoyable. When it comes to clarity and accuracy of the midrange itself, which means mainly vocals and certain instruments, I was highly impressed. It is really hard to beat these mids, especially at that price point, and especially with 4 balanced armatures per channel.

Highs / Treble

The highs are bright and vivid, yet I find them rarely fatiguing to the point that I can easily use these earphones for many hours straight without feeling like I have to turn down the volume. Clarity is outstanding and detail is more than I expected in that price range. These easily make KZ's past top-models (like ZS5, ZS6, ZS7 and, of course, the original ZS10) seem like an unpleasant memory, as all of them had some kind of issue with their treble.

Frequency Response

Published on 2019-07-05 00:31:22 (GMT)
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