ø8mm + ø6.8mm Dynamic Drivers

The premium-looking dual-driver KZ ZS1 are very good earphones to have, especially if you like decent bass. However, you'll most likely have a trouble fitting these into your ears properly.

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  • Pretty clear sound quality overall.
  • The bass goes pretty deep, if you can push the earphones deep enough.
  • A very premium design and pretty solid build quality, even if plastic.
  • The bass gets slightly distorted at high volume or deep bass drops (like in Dubstep and Trap music).
  • It is very difficult to fit these oddly shaped earphones inside the ears and get a good seal.
Package & Accessories

Corrugated fiberboard

Ear Tips - Single-Flange:

M, black (translucent), ø4mm red bores

S+M+L, black (translucent), ø4mm bores

Build & Materials

Plastic (glossy), ø6mm nozzles (ø2mm openings), built-in memory wires


TPE, soft strain reliefs


Silicone (grippy), 118cm, soft, straight


TPE, 90° angled, short, soft strain relief

Comfort & Fit

No matter how I placed it, no matter which tips I tried, they just don't stay all the way inside. I had to push them in as I listened to them to hear the sound properly.

Lows / Bass

The bass has impact and sound nice, but if your seal is too good it gets muddy. Either way, you need to get a perfect seal to hear the bass properly. When the bass gets deep, it's slightly distorted.

Mids / Vocals

The vocals sound nice, but sometimes overpowered by the bass. They are not so bright either, and have a dark-ish signature to them.

Highs / Treble

The highs are loud but not as bright as I would want them to be, which is probably the result of a bit too warm sound signature.

Frequency Response