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I'm Igor Eisberg, and AudioBudget is a solo project where I get budget-class earphones (up to $50), review them shortly, appraise them according to my personal opinion and experience and rank them in comparison to other budget-class earphones.

These reviews are short and straightforward by design, and are intended for average consumers who need help with finding good earphones at a low price, without tinkering too much with technicalities. You won't find any bedtime stories here. Lengthy reviews are not the point of this project; The point is exploring as many earphones as my budget allows.

Currently, there are 192 product reviews of 92 brands!

Full Disclosure

  • This project is merely a hobby that I do on my free time, and has no underlying intentions.
  • I buy most of my earphones myself, some of them I get for a discount, some of them for free. This has no effect on the sincerity of the review. Keeping it real will always remain the top-priority.
  • I only cooperate with sellers who trust my judgment and make it easy for you, the consumers, to obtain earphones which I personally recommend. However, I have no control over your orders, nor do I take any responsibility for the condition of the packages you receive. You buy at your own responsibility.
  • Some of the links are supported by AliExpress Affiliate. Buying earphones using these links is the only way to directly support this project. As you have noticed by now, I keep the website clean of any ads.

Commenting Guidelines

  • The comment sections are intended for feedback, second opinions and questions (related to the specific product the section belongs to). Please, keep the comment sections clean, relevant and helpful by being as clear and specific as possible.
  • The comment sections are not intended for free personal recommendations, review requests or vague "which is better"/"X vs Y" questions. Such comments in the comment sections will be considered spam and deleted immediately, and if the behavior reoccurs, the commenter will be blocked permanently from further commenting.

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