ø10mm Dynamic Driver + 4 × Balanced Armatures


TRN has once again developed a model that simply conquered the price-to-performance battlefield. This time, the V90 aimed to balance out the flaws of their previous models, especially in the mids and treble ranges, and they've done so exceptionally well, even defeating higher-priced giants like some of BQYEZ, RevoNext and KZ's top performers.

All of that, while keeping the build quality top-notch, the quality control as perfect as it gets (I'm referring to the unbeatable driver matching) and superb level of comfort and ease of use. Sadly, there isn't much improvement in the included accessories area, as it's still the bare minimum, but that's the least of my concerns.

The V90 are among the most versatile/universal pair of earphones I had the pleasure to use. No matter what you're listening to, the V90 will surely deliver. I undoubtedly recommend these.

Sound signature: Balanced

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  • Stunning audio quality and a great improvement over the predecessor - the TRN V80.
  • Excellent bass performance that never cripples the mids.
  • Extremely loud and easy to drive.
  • Perfect driver matching (see the FR measurement).
  • Wisely designed housings that provide comfort for long listening sessions, especially for medium/large ears.
  • Top-notch build quality reminiscent of BQEYZ, but smaller in size. The housings are very sturdy despite being slightly lighter than V80.
  • As always with TRN, the cable is superb and the pre-shaped ear loops are very convenient.


  • Some sibilance is still possible on highly susceptible tracks, although it's not that common.
  • Bare-minimum package content, as usual.

Package & Accessories


Hard paperboard + soft paperboard

Ear Tips - Single-Flange:

M, black (translucent), ø4mm red bores

S+L, black (translucent), ø4.5mm red bores

Build & Materials


Metal, ø5mm nozzles (ø4mm bores)


2-pin (standard 0.75mm)


Metal, no strain reliefs


TPE (braided), 133cm, extra-soft, straight, pre-shaped ear loops


Metal, straight, medium, soft strain relief

Comfort & Fit

I've been accustomed to TRN's attention to comfort. I was pleasantly surprised with V80's level of comfort before, and the V90 just took things even further. The amount of sharp edges and angles has been reduced to none and the bulge around the nozzle is very subtle. One of the most comfortable pair of earphones I had the pleasure to wear. Do note that the V90 are both larger and thicker than the V80, so your mileage may vary if your ears or ear canals are smaller than average.

Lows / Bass

Very fun, extended bass response with a lot of impact, but not exhausting. Fills every song with warmth and perception of volume. Perfect for those who appreciate clean, stable and well-balanced bass with deep sub-bass that never overwhelms the higher frequencies. The mid-bass adds a natural amount of warmth to vocals and instruments and never fills bass-heavy tracks with muddiness. This makes V90's bass an admirable achievement, even though most recent top-rated earphones perform just as good when it comes to bass quality and extension. This is rarely a point of complaint when it comes to highly regarded brands in the budget-audio market, such as TRN.

Mids / Vocals

The mids are the highlight of this review. The V80's main flaw was in their mids - although were nicely done for the price, they still needed a lot of improvement when it comes to accuracy of timbre. The V90 nailed it in that department. The mids are well-tuned and sound very natural, even when compared to one of my favorites in this field - the KZ ZS10 PRO. They are somewhat more upfront and dominant compared to KZ ZS10 PRO and BQEYZ K2/KB2, and the V80, of course, but compared to V80, they are less prone to sibilance (although not entirely rid of it). Despite having whopping 5 drivers per channel, the V90 performed amazingly on a weak source like my 3.5 years old Xiaomi Mi 5, also unlike the V80, that seemed to suffer from weak sources. Needless to say, on an amplified source, like the xDuoo X3 player, the sound is simply amazing in all aspects.

Highs / Treble

With 4 balanced armatures in the mix, I was expecting a more extreme eardrum-piercer than the V80. As the usual me is being pessimistic, I surely underestimated TRN this time. The treble is, what I would call, delicious. It's well defined and well refined. Bright and lively, but not too "peaky". It's way more easy on the ears than the V80, as the pierce was reduced to trivial, and sibilance damped as much as I would have expected - more than that would probably make the upper-mids under-pronounced/unexciting. True, certain earphones, like the BQEYZ K2/KB2, expose more micro-detail, which may be an advantage, but sometimes - a disadvantage, as it could be disorientating, distraction or just too exhausting, but the V90 has found the middle-ground between complexion and simplicity. Bravo, TRN.

Frequency Response

Published on 2019-11-01 02:18:20 (GMT)
BA5 V10 (V1) V20 V60 V80