Xiaomi Mi Dual Driver Earphones (BRE01JY)

Dynamic Driver + Piezoelectric Speaker


The new Dual Driver Earphones by Xiaomi are an innovative design, as it is one on the first implementations of a piezoelectric speaker in earphones, along with a similarly-designed model by Lenovo. Despite the exciting specs, these earphones reveal nothing new in terms of sound quality. The piezoelectric speaker doesn't seem to be a decent enough alternative to a high-quality dynamic driver or a balanced armature, thus I can't see the purpose of this product, considering its uncompetitive price.

Along with the mediocre sound signature consisting of a non-existent sub-bass, boomy mid-bass and generally nasal vocals, these earphones are also cheaply built and designed. They are, however, quite comfortable, especially if you don't like shoving in-ears into your ear canals, and prefer something less intrusive, but I'm pretty sure that there are better alternatives even for those people.


  • Good sound quality, specifically for audiobooks or casual listening.
  • Quite interesting detail in the treble in certain compositions.
  • A rare use of a piezoelectric speaker in earphones. Thumbs up for innovation.


  • Exaggerated lower-mids result in a tubby/nasal vocals.
  • Bloated mid-bass causes boomy percussions.
  • Complete lack of sub-bass.
  • Ridiculous build quality and use of materials, for the price.

Package & Accessories


Soft plastic (clear)

Build & Materials


Plastic (glossy) + metal*, ø4×7mm oval nozzles, soft strain reliefs


Plastic (glossy), triple-button


TPE, no strain reliefs


TPE, 127cm, semi-soft, mildly bent


TPE, 90° angled, short, soft strain relief

  • The housings have metal back plates.

Comfort & Fit

Although this kind of design provides no seal, these semi-in-ears are actually quite comfortable and easy to wear. The way they sound is very fit-sensitive, so if you can't get the intended sound signature, consider getting foam ear pads separately, as none are included with these earphones.

Lows / Bass

When it comes to sub-bass, it's non-existent. As to the mid-bass, it's exaggerated and bloated, makes every hit of a snare drum almost painful to listen to. Basslines and instruments like the cello sound muddy and fatiguing.

Mids / Vocals

For audiobooks, talk shows and such, the mids are nice. Nothing extraordinary, but clear and listenable nontheless. For music, however, the lower-mids are overblown and nasal, especially for folk music, and if violins are involved, that's almost painful. Tonally, vocals sound a bit off-tone and harsh, even though not upfront, and have a unnaturally low pitch.

Highs / Treble

The highs are quite delicate, considering that these ear semi-in-ears. The piezoelectric speakers give instruments some interesting tonality and even some microdetail, and I can see the potential. However, the whole treble range is underemphasized and overwhlemed by the mid-bass/lower-mids.

Frequency Response

Published on 2018-05-10 18:15:06 (GMT)
Mi Dual Driver Earphones
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