Baseus Lark EL-01
Dynamic Driver

The first earphones by the renown brand Baseus. On first sight, they look like just any cheap earphones on the market. Don't be fooled so easily though. It says "Stylish Design to Deliver Amazing Beats"... Do you like bass? Want something to blow your brains out? Get these as soon as possible (and a decent pair of ear tips, because the included ones just won't do).

These are probably the go-to earphones for bassheads and electronic dance music listeners.

  • Some of the beefiest sub-bass I've ever heard from a pair of earphones. Simply mind-blowing.
  • These things are freakin' loud. I mean it. They are insanely loud. Just look at the frequency response curve.
  • Slightly artificial-sounding mids and highs.
  • Not very comfortable because of their bulky and short design.
  • The design is rather generic and the build materials are nothing but OK.
  • The ear tips are almost useless.
Package & Accessories

Paperboard + soft plastic (clear)

Ear Tips - Single-Flange:

S+M+L, extra-soft, grey (translucent), Ø6mm bores

Build & Materials

Metal, Ø6mm nozzles (Ø5mm openings), soft strain reliefs


Plastic (glossy), single-button + volume slider


Metal + TPE, soft strain reliefs


TPE, 120cm, soft, bend-retaining


Metal + TPE, straight, short, soft strain relief

Comfort & Fit

These cheap ear tips again... last time I've seen them being included with Shenger earphones. They just don't seal. Get better ear tips, and as always, I strongly recommend the ROCK Zircon tips.

Lows / Bass

Wow... just how!? That bass is crazy. I can actually feel the vibration tickling my eardrums. Not very healthy on my part, but seriously, I'm impressed.

Mids / Vocals

Fat and spacious. You feel surrounded with sounds. However, the mids don't sound quite natural, but I'd still call them great!

Highs / Treble

The highs are recessed and soft. Far from being harsh on the ears.

Frequency Response
Lark EL-01