gorsun C2

ø9mm Dynamic Driver


The C2 are relatively better than C8 in terms of mids and highs, and retain the same nice build quality (for the price). However, even the C2 fails to surprise with their harsh sounding mids and highs, exaggerated bass and aweful driver matching.


  • Listenable mids, although veiled and inaccurate.
  • Very decent build quality for such cheap earphones.
  • Very comfortable to wear thanks to the housings' design.


  • The mids are recessed and the highs are dark, resulting in a harsh sound.
  • The bass is very exaggerated and muddy, although I can't be sure if it's a defect because of the bad driver matching.

Package & Accessories


Soft paperboard + soft plastic (clear)

Ear Tips - Single-Flange:

S+M+L, black, ø6mm bores

Build & Materials


Plastic (matte + soft touch), open-back, ø5.5mm nozzles (ø4.5mm bores), soft strain reliefs


Plastic (glossy), single-button


Metal + plastic (matte), rigid strain relief


Fabric, 130cm, soft, mildly bent


Metal, straight, short, rigid strain relief

Comfort & Fit

One thing positive that can be said about these earphones, besides the decent build quality, is the excellent comfort provided by the angled shape of the nozzles. They sit very well in the ears with absolutely no extra effort required.

Lows / Bass

Mainly, a lot mid-bass bloat that causes the sound to be very muddy. Not pleasant and even headache-inducing on higher volume. Sub-bass seems to be similar to C3's sub-bass. Bass shaker test revealed a minor rattle. The driver matching wasn't great on my pair, hence it's hard to tell which is the intended bass response: the right channel with a more relaxed bass, or the left channel with a bloated bass.

Mids / Vocals

The mids sound recessed, while upper-mids are boosted, creating a rather radio-like mids and vocals. They are still better than C8, but still distorted and dark-sounding.

Highs / Treble

The highs are a bit emphasised but are rather dark in tone, resulting in a harsh treble. Detail is better than C3 and C8, but still inaccurate.

Frequency Response

Published on 2018-01-13 14:29:25 (GMT)
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