ø7mm Dynamic Driver


Earphones that try to immitate the Sennheiser IE 800 for a much cheaper price sometimes deserve a praise. Unfortunately, this isn't one of those cases. The sound is mid-bass bloated, muddy and headache-inducing.


  • A good bass response.
  • A great build quality and an eye-candy design.
  • The ear tips look pretty special and there's a free shirt clip.


  • The sound quality is muddy and unclear, absolutely overrun by the bass.
  • The cable was folded tightly inside the package. Never do that.

Package & Accessories


Chipboard (bare)

Ear Tips - Single-Flange:

S+M+L, grey (translucent), ø6mm green bores

Shirt Clip:

Black, 360° cable holder, generic

Build & Materials


Ceramic + metal, ø5mm nozzles, no strain reliefs


Plastic (matte), triple-button


TPE, soft strain reliefs


Silicone-coated (rugged), public sealedsemi-soft, mildly bent


TPE, 90° angled, long, soft strain relief

Comfort & Fit

I got a perfect seal straight out of the box. No issues here. You get these pretty green tips of all sizes if you need to adjust the fit.

Lows / Bass

A warm sound signature means a lot of mid-bass. This is what you get with these - a lot of bass. The bass is kicking and is pretty good. However, no sub-bass, the drivers are just too weak. The bass distorts quite a lot, and the bass shaker test failed with a lot of cracking noises. Same happens when you attempt to amplify them too much.

Mids / Vocals

The vocals are almost completely overwhelmed by the bass. Even when there isn't much bass, the vocals are plain weak.

Highs / Treble

The highs are destroyed by the bass. The sound has no clarity. You can barely hear the hi-hats in all of that mess.

Frequency Response

Published on 2015-10-26 23:12:24 (GMT)