ø8mm + ø6.8mm Dynamic Drivers


The brand-new overhyped model DT-05 by DZAT was heavily promoted on Chinese sources. I fell for the hype and ordered these as soon as they were released, and even managed to get them for free for a review. Being quite honest - I expected more.

In no way will I say that these earphones are bad. They are quite good. However, for their specifications and price, I expected much, much more.

The bass is there, it's not overbearing, the mids are quite emphasized, but the highs are darkish and lack detail and clarity.

DZAT's previous model, DF-10 is far more successful, in my opinion.


  • Sturdy build quality.
  • Unique and innovative, even premium-looking design.


  • Muddy mid-bass combined with a darkish overall sound.
  • The mids are slightly "shouty", as in being too loud and upfront compared to other frequencies.
  • The highs are pathetic. They are darkish and there's no detail. I expected more from dual-driver earphones in that regard.
  • Heavily over-priced for what you get.

Package & Accessories


Chipboard (textured)

Ear Tips - Single-Flange:

S+2×M+L, black, ø5mm bores

Ear Tips - Foam:

Faux foam, black, ø4mm bores


Leatherette, black, branded

Build & Materials


Plastic (glossy) + metal, ø6mm nozzles (ø5mm bores), pre-shaped ear loops


Metal, single-button


Metal, stiff strain relief


Silicone-coated (smooth), 128cm, soft, straight


Metal, straight, short, stiff strain relief

Comfort & Fit

The earphones' unique shape might not suit every ears. They are far from being universal, being suitable mainly for large ears. The included tips are generic, but quite comforable nonetheless.

Lows / Bass

A lot of mid-bass and plenty of sub-bass that add muddiness to the sound and easily leak into the mid and creates a heavy sensation.

Mids / Vocals

The mids are slightly "shouty", as in being too loud and upfront compared to other frequencies. It's like the person sings directly into your ears. Can't call that pleasant.

Highs / Treble

Very gentle and somewhat dark-sounding. Detail is muffled or completely missing. Absolutely overwhelmed by the upfront mids.

Frequency Response

Published on 2017-03-06 12:22:38 (GMT)
DF-10 DR-10 DR-20