Remax RM-720i
Ø6mm Dynamic Driver

The Remax brand was highly recommended to me. I've got to say that I'm impressed! These tiny earphones sound absolutely amazing. The bass is punchy and quick, and fills the mids with warmth. The mids and highs are among the most vivid and accurate you can get! They are very detailed, bright, yet warm and exciting at the same time. The main issue with these earphones is, like with many other micro-driver earphones, that their maximum loudness is slightly lower than usual.

As compared to Joyroom JR-E103 and Joyroom JR-E107, I would pick the RM-720i any day!

  • Simply amazing sound quality. Clear mids and crisp highs with no distortions. Deep and powerful bass response, not overbearing.
  • Louder than most tiny earphones.
  • The build quality is superb! These earphones look very premium, just like those by boarseman.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear, thanks to its tiny size and light weight.
  • The maximum loudness is still lower compared to what you would get from earphones with larger drivers. This can be solved by basic amplification.
  • The inline remote is ridiculously large, and also serves as the Y-split.
  • The package is needlessly huge, while most of its contents is, basically, paperboard and air.
Package & Accessories
Paperboard (multilayer) + paperboard
Ear Tips - Single-Flange:
S+L, grey (translucent), Ø4mm beige bores
S+M, grey (translucent), Ø4mm bores
Black, rectangular, branded
Build & Materials
Metal, extra-small, Ø5mm nozzles, soft strain reliefs
Plastic (matte), triple-button*, soft strain reliefs
PVC-coated, 120cm, twisted, soft, straight
Metal, straight, short, stiff strain relief
  • The volume buttons work on Apple devices only.
Comfort & Fit

These tiny earphones are very easy to fit into the ears both using the M or the L tips. They are very light, thus stay firmly inside and offer great comfort. You will literally forget that you have these earphones inserted.

Lows / Bass

Fast and quite deep bass. The sub-bass is definitely there, and while the lows are slightly shallower than what you get with Joyroom JR-E103, it's actually more controlled, quick and precise as well. Very enjoyable, even for electronic dance music.

Mids / Vocals

Some of the best mids I've ever heard, very warm, detailed and surrounding, and unlike Joyroom JR-E103, are not recessed. These are perfect for vocal-oriented music genres and even especially good for metal music.

Highs / Treble

The highs are sharp and emphasized, not as piercing as of Joyroom JR-E107, but also brighter and more pronounced than of Joyroom JR-E103. The tonality is very similar to that of Joyroom JR-E107 - bright and highly detailed highs. I'm highly impressed!

Frequency Response
Reviewed on 2017-04-11 15:51:11 (UTC)