2 x Ø6.3mm Dynamic Drivers

LKER's first earphones are the popular LKER i1. These earphones offer a very impressive design and build quality, and a very impressive amount of ear tips to choose from. However, the sound quality isn't the most impressive. The lows are quite good, but lack impact, the mids are so-so, they get overwhelmed by the bass, and the highs are lacking in detail, yet sometimes get louder than lower frequencies, which sound unnatural at times.

  • A quite balanced sound signature.
  • High-end build quality and design.
  • Lots of ear tips to choose from, and some additional useful accessories.
  • They are loud enough for the common listener, but you need amplification to drive them further.
  • The lows don't get too low, which probably has something to do with the small drivers.
  • The highs aren't that detailed, considering that they tend to be louder than the rest of the sound.
Package & Accessories
Chipboard (bare)
Ear Tips - Single-Flange:
S+M+L, white, Ø5mm bores
S+M+L, red, Ø4mm bores
S+M+L, black, Ø6mm bores
Shirt Clip:
White, 360° cable holder, generic
Velour, grey, branded
Hook and loop fastener, generic
Build & Design
Plastic (glossy) + metal, Ø6mm nozzles (Ø4mm openings), stiff strain reliefs
Metal, soft strain relief
Silicone-coated (smooth), thick, soft, straight
Metal, straight, long, soft strain relief
Comfort & Fit

Just like their main competitor, the VJJB V1, these earphones are also shaped very wisely and you can always find the tips that fit you best out of the included variety.

Lows / Bass

The lows are deep and punching, if you have amplification. If you don't, then you won't be able to enjoy them too much.

Mids / Vocals

The mids are quite mediocre, nothing impressive here. There is no extraordinary detail to expect. They also tend to get overwhelmed by the bass, especially if you amplify these earphones (which mainly benefit the bass quantity).

Highs / Treble

Loud but somewhat hissy and slightly harsh. Not impressively detailed thought.

Frequency Response
Reviewed on 2016-05-17 21:31:14 (UTC)